One team


We all have that one dream growing up: Doing what you love, every single day, for the rest of your life. Well, what started out as a simple hobby for Janice was (with a lot of hard work, perseverance and prayer) transformed into a fully staffed Photography, Videography, Marketing and Design company. Making that dream a reality for her, Janice picked up photography as a hobby first and then became professional in 2008. She founded Impact Studio as a place to live out her hobby as a profession in 2011.

Since then we’ve grown incredibly, from one staff member to nine permanent staff members. Impact currently has two divisions: Impact Photography and Impact Media. Impact Photography is focused on Photography and Videography for Life-Style Photography, Families, Weddings and life’s celebrations.

Impact Media’s focus is on businesses. One of our main focuses is Packaging design. Other design work that we do includes branding, signage, Corporate Identity, and marketing materials. We also do Social Media Marketing, content creation and visual design for various organisations. Lastly, Impact Media also has a website development department where we do website designing and hosting.

Here at Impact Studio we celebrate the uniqueness and personality of each and every client that crosses our path. We recognise that every client wants photos that represent who they are. Photos that capture the subtle tears running down his cheeks as you walk down the aisle. Photos that capture the beauty in the chaos when your toddler decides to run around and refuses to smile. Photos that connect not just memories, but also the feeling. That’s what we specialise in. We capture feelings.

We tailor make photography sessions just for you. If you want the crazy family photos on the beach, we do that. If you want studio photos for you and your newborn, that’s what you’ll get. And we do it all while embracing your own characteristics, keeping your wants and needs in mind – Making it a special experience for you.


Janice Gutche – Photographer

The big boss with the big ideas. She’s a top-notch photographer and loves working with people. She travels often, always bringing home a new Christmas tree decoration and yummy treats!

Meet the team





Almari Rooi

Manager and Social media marketer

Manager and Social Media Genius who’s absolutely in love with good food. She’s ALWAYS singing and she loves encouraging others to reach for excellence.





Lilian Botha


Senior graphic designer and packaging design specialist. She has a strong passion for effective communication and is a little obsessed with beautiful images. If she had her way, she would NEVER wear shoes.




Gerhard van Heerden


Passionate Graphic designer who loves to create simple but smart visual designs.
He gets his best creative ideas before going to bed and is a massive soccer fan.
He also rocks an incredible Movember!




Michaél Krüger

Web developer

Specialises in Web Development, Rendering and all things Japanese. He’s a thrill seeker who loves nature, anime and cooking.





Rynie Olivier

Social Media marketer and Copy writer

Social Media Marketer, Copy Checker and Script Writer. She frequently loses her keys, her motivation to stop eating cake, and herself between the blank pages of her imagination.





Nolene Ison

Videographer and social media marketer

Social Media Marketer.
She loves romantic crime books and can’t go to the shops without buying shoes or earrings.




Tarien van Heerden


Photographer by day and artist by night. She loves singing and enjoys long, romantic walks to the fridge.




Charné Scorgie

Personal assistant, social media marketing, Admin and Finance

Social Media Specialist from Humansdorp, South Africa. She loves laughing, chilling and going to the gym. You can get her to do almost everything in exchange for something sweet.